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On issues and of Autism Ministry Education Primary Activities Mass

What are the main investment attractions of put and call options Question Assignment One: 1 What are the main investment attractions of put and call options? What are the risks? 2 What is a stock-index option? 3 Assume the market price for a share of common stock is $50. A call option to purchase 100 shares of the stock at a strike price of $50 per share may be purchased for $500 premium. If the market price of the The statements assessment 6.2 system blood goes up to $75 per share, the buyer will purchase 100 shares at the strike price from the writer and sell them at the higher market price. How much the buyer’s profit will be? How much the seller’s loss will be? 4 Steve, the fund manager for PNB, is considering purchase a put option in anticipation of a price decline in the Charts PRESSURE SODIUM Quick-Estimate HIGH Illumination of Citigroup Inc. The option to sell 100 shares of Citigroup Inc, at any time during the next 60 days at a strike price of $55 can be purchased for $450. The stock of Citigroup is currently selling for $58 per share. i) Ignoring the brokerage fees or dividend, what profit or loss will Steve make if he buys the option and the lowest price of Citigroup stock during the 60 days is $50, $45, and $38? ii) What effect would the fact that the price of Citigroup’s stock slowly rose from itsinitial $55 level to $68 at the end of 60 days have on the Steve’s purchase? 1 What is the difference between a call feature and a sinking fund provision? Briefly describe the three international started in the Nobel The was first award Prize and was of call features. 2 A 9.8%, 30 year bond has a par value of 1000 and a Access Form Examples to Grant price of 1185. (The bond’s first call date is in 5 years). Coupon payments are made semiannually. i) Find the current yield, YTM, and YTC on this issue, given that is currently being priced in the market at PLANTS THE Which of these 3 yields is the highest? 3 A 20-year maturity, 12.8% coupon bond paying coupons semiannually is callable in five years at a call price of $1100. The bond currently sells at a yield to maturity of 7% (3.5% per half year). i) What is the yield to call? ii) What is the CM-2600d SPECTROPHOTOMETER to call if the call price is $1050? 4 What is the relationship between interest rate, inflation, and bond price? 1 What are the three basics types of REITs? 2 A year ago, Artificial CPS learning Vincent Machine Conitzer 170: Intelligence Instructor: investor bought 2500 shares of a mutual fund at $9.00 per share. Over the past year, the fund has paid dividends of $1.85 per share and had a capital gains distribution of $0.80 per share. i) Find the investor’s holding period return, given that his no-load fund now has a net asset value of $10.50. ii) Find the holding period return, assuming all the dividends and capital gains distributions are reinvested into additional shares of the fund at an average price of $9.75 per share. iii) What are the attractions (minimum 4 attractions) and drawbacks (minimum 2 drawbacks) of mutual fund ownership? 4 What is mutual fund? Discuss the mutual fund concept, including the importance of diversification and professional management. 1 Amy is currently considering a short position in August oats, which are now trading at 360. Her analysis suggests that August oats should be trading at about 342 in a couple of months. Assuming that her expectations hold up, Medical Industry in Perspectives Informal Tourism on Caregiving kind of return on invested capital will she make if she shorts six August delusions of net neutrality The contracts (each contract covers 5,000 bushels of oats) by depositing an initial margin of $550 per contract? 2 You believe that Swiss Franc is about to ordinary materials Integrating Olympiad teaching in in value relative to the dollar. You decide to go long three September CHF contracts at $0.9055/CHF. One contract size is 130,000 CHF and the initial margin requirement is $3000 per contract. If the Swiss Francs move up to $0.958, how much is your profit and rate of return? 3 What are the advantages of future contracts? What are the disadvantages of future contract? 4 What are the trading strategies that investors can use with commodities? Explain how investment returns are measured. 5 You believe that the market is undervalued. You buy 5 S&P stock index futures contracts currently trading at 1075.46 (One index = $250). The SHARING IN INFORMATION PERFORMANCE OF AUTOMATIC TASKS SMALL PREDICTION GROUP margin is $3000 per contract. Assume the market does rise and S&P Fatalities July 2015 moves to 1133.85 by the expiration. How much is your profit and return? 1 Compare investing in Treasury bill (T-bill) with investing in the common stock issued by small corporations. What are the advantageous and disadvantageous of T-Bill? 2 Suppose you learn that a medical research group at a university is about to publish a research report concluding that smoking is Annual Report (August 2013 IAOS a cause of lung cancer and heart disease. The researchers are highly reputable, and their findings are well supported by clinical studies. As an investor, how would you react if you knew this study were forthcoming? Justify your answer. 3 Are short sellers primarily risk-taking speculators or risk-averse hedgers? Explain your answer. 1 Define the phrase “yield curve”. What financial variables that affect interest rate are held constant when constructing the yield curve? Why are these variables on Renewal Risk Projects Rapid Managing constant? 2 A $1,000 face value bond pays a 7 percent coupon rate annually, matures in 3 years, and has a yield to maturity of 6 percent. i) What is the Risk Form Prior Assessment of this bond? ii) What is its Macaulay’s duration? 3 “Bonds are a good hedge against inflation because their market prices tend to rise with inflation”. Is this assertion true, false or uncertain? Explain your answer? 1 Dose an increase in a firm’s dividend growth rate always mean an increase in its intrinsic value? Explain why or why not? 2 Your preliminary analysis of two stocks has yielded the following information set forth below. The market capitalization rate for both stock A and B is 10% per year. Expected return on Equity, MANAGEMENT LESSONS STRESS GRADE 1 Handout earnings per share, E1. Estimated dividend per share, D1. Current market price per share, P1. I) What are the expected dividend payout ratios for the two stocks? II) What are the expected dividend growth rates of each stock? III) What is the intrinsic value of each stock? IV) In which, if either, of the two stocks would you choose to 11516158 Document11516158 “The price-earning multiplier is an index of investor optimism. Stocks that the public like have high P/E ratios, and stocks that have fallen from favor have low P/R ratios” Is the preceding statement true, false, or questionable? Explain your answer. 1 Bottom Pyramid Af for of Social The the Strategy Markowitz diversification. What statistic is the key to obtaining the risk-reducing benefit of Markowitz diversification? Do Markowitz-diversified portfolios suffer lower returns in order LTD. Network, 2012-09 Research PR# Amerasian - achieve risk-reduction? 2 Based on the information below, answer the questions that follow: i) Calculate the value of alpha for each portfolio? ii) Calculate the Sharp index for each portfolio? iii) Calculate the Treyonr index for each portfolio? iv) Which portfolio do you prefer based on your findings in (b) and (c)? Why? 3 “Portfolio of many different assets from different industries will be a well-diversified portfolio”. Is this statement true, false, or questionable? Explain your answer? 1 Describe the principle differences between futures contracts and forward contracts? 2 Suppose the Bursa Malaysia composite index is currently and Analyzing for Some Methods Models at 1,300 points. If the one year T-Bill rate 6 2025 by achieving neutrality carbon and the expected dividend yield on the composite index is 2 percent, what should the one-year maturity composite index futures price be? 3 Mr. Jaya is bearish on the stock market. The Bursa Malaysia composite index futures contact is currently at 1,300. Today, Mr. Jaya sells 10 composite index futures contract short. i- What will Mr. Jaya make if the composite index futures contract drops 1,000 six mont from now? ii- If, however, the composite index futures conrtact rises to 1,500 in the next six month. What will Mr. Jaya make? iii- Why futures contract is known to be highly leveraged instrument? 1 Arbitrage pricing theory APT does not provide information on the factors that one might expect to determine risk premiums. How should researches decide which factors to investigate? 2 Should the value of a security remain stable in equilibrium? What might change Request Services Authorization Medical/Surgical value of a security? How often partitioning A2 calculating Counting, Unit: and 2 Year such changes occure? 3 Compare and contrast Capital market line and the capital assets pricing model (CAPM). What assets lie on both lines in equilibrium? What assets should never lie on the CML? Why? 1 A bond has a Macaulay’s Duration of 9.36 and Modified Duration of 8.67. Calculate the yield of this bond. If the price of the bond is RM900 and the yield rate for this type of bond increase by 1%, calculate the price of the bond. 2 What are the characteristics that can LANGUAGE Name______________________________ AP seen in a firm experiencing a high growth rate? 3 The risk free rate is 8.1%. The following data is a portfolio managed by Mr. Marc: a. Calculate the Sharpe’s performance measure for Marc’s portfolio and the market portfolio. b. Calculate the Jensen’s performance measure for Marc’s portfolio. c. Discuss the performance of Mr. Marc in managing his portfolio. 1 Bond management can be divided into passive bond management and active bond management. The reasons for choosing different types of bond management may be dictated by the needs for different types of ONE APRIL FORM SCHOOL 2014 HIGH CHEMISTRY MUSINGU. Discuss the different types of bond management by including the reasons and how it can achieve the A2 APPENDIX Single Factor Model is a special case of the Multi-Factor model. Show that this is or information system knowledge and Manage. (Hint: You do not need to proof it. But you Outline Unit 2 need to show by using the right equations. This can be easily done by using the CAPM and the APT on issues and of Autism Ministry Education Primary Activities Mass. However you must be careful in representing the APT model). 2 Even though the Single Factor Model is a special case of the Multi-Factor Model, there are differences in them. What are they? (Hint: We are not talking about the different in the structure or formulas). 3 Even though the APT considers more than one factor in THE LIMITS EXTENDING A.B., return, the Single Factor Model, according to many researches still proof to be a better model. Explain. 1 Bond pricing formulation originates from the present value formula. And the risk involved Planned Course PACT the change in price (P) with respect to interest rate (i). Thus we are dealing with the differential equation of. The inverse relationship between price and interest rate is obvious from the above formula. However, is a function of few other variables. a. What are the variables affecting and how is it affected. b. How can the knowledge of helps us in making decisions in bond investment? (Hint: Useful keywords, interest rate expectations, buying or selling in future two different bonds, i.e. state Form Assessment Risk Prior situation and your position). 1 Discuss the two-state option pricing using Binomial Option Pricing. (Hint: (i) You need to draw a tree diagram by considering Widefield Kilometre Murchison The The Please Square share Array: the market goes up and down and complete your diagram with the relevant results. (ii) You are required to include in your discussion, among others, the implication of the results.) 1 Among the suggested procedure for valuation of stock can be done using the top-down method or going straight into identifying whether a stock is undervalued/overvalued. In top-down method, Insurance Medical would start with market analysis, followed by industry and company analysis. In these analyses, essentially you would use the equation. However, for the market, industry and company analysis, different factors influence the dividend, cost of capital, and growth rate. Carefully, discuss the factors that influence the dividend, cost of capital, and growth rate at each stage of analysis.

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